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Solution Office


       Generally, most of commercial establishments are known only traditional desktop computer which we call PC. Desktop computer itselfs maybe replaced every three years compared to five to ten years for Thin Client devices. All too often, technology falls short of its potential because of miscellaneous factors. Thin Clients can help you to overcome these weakness. With Thin Clients on the desktop, Technology is accessible, easy-to-use, reliable and provide more security. No upgrade required when information and applications reside on servers.

       Official Notarize Software

       With Thin Client Technology, Many benefits from Thin Clients is an answer to your questions. Business firms can save procurement costs due to its lower price but feature rich quality. Thin Client can also installed many software consistent with your demands. Such as Microsoft -Office, MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-visio, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, ACDSee, and more. Thin Client use less energy, generate less heat and noise. so, Thin Client can reduce energy demands. It gives relief to IT Staff because of all software resides on server. Thin Client use Remote Desktop Technology connected through Terminal Service Server.

       Simply Life-style

        Everything gets easier with Thin Client. When technology staff members deploys an upgrades and new applications on the server, the updates are immediately available to all Thin Clients. Comparison with Thin Client, an old desktop computer takes more than three hours in upgrade procedures. Thin Clients have received highest demands and great reputation from customers / distributors all around the world. Therefore, We have great confidence in our products both the quality and stability.

       Provide more Secure

       Beyond High Security, Many Network Enterprises have confidential files that needs protection from regular users. Prevented unauthorized access for many reasons. How should we know that information assets of the company are well-protected. For that reason, Thin Client has dedicated to develop " Eyes Only Security " System. To ensure your protection every step of the way.

       ome Department requires take away information to continue the work home. Thin Client provide authorized-only information for them to take away home. Also Supporting for local USB Mapping. Easily to plug Thumb-Drive for any recorded informations.

       Recommended Businesses

      Thin Client have been Certified ISO9001:2000 since, August 2005. From the Manufacturer oversea. Customers can get international standard guarantee policy for the products they have purchase from us. Our Recommended Business for Thin Clients can be separated out as follows.

       - Business that requires high security : Gold booth, Jewelry shop, Financial Department, Accounting           Department, Banking Busiess.
       - Business that requires expansion system : Telesale, Callcenter.
       - Business that requires in public service : Media PR, Internal Audit, Online checking system, Kiosk
       - System that requires an Internet save-cost :Internet Cafeteria, Study Classroom, Teacher's lounge.
        We are delighted to answer your questions. Or if you have any spcific requirements Please Contact Us. | Investment Opportunities.

Solution Factory

        Many Industrail Factory in Thailand are producing results along with product improvements related to customer's demands. With differential production lines to ensure for customer's adequate consumptions. For that reason, Some Factories have focused attention on their Production line and Quality Control. Which two things are closely connected to particular facilities such as Computer. As we speak, Computer can help you out in routine production line or calculation that needs processing units. We would like to introduce you our Thin Client devices. Thin Clients will help simply your daily routine.

Regular Procedures Short Cut
       Thin Client Computing provides an easy-installation, Procedures Short Cut. Comparison with Thin Client, an old desktop computer takes much more time for install procedures. Unlike Thin Client, tradition desktop computer requires frequently program and anti-virus updates. But with TCN Technology, All software resides on servers when technology staff deploys upgrades and new applications on server then the updates are immediately available to all Thin Client. Thin Client also provides reliable technology, easy-to-use. Thin Client Computing has proved adaptable for various environment. For instance, Production Control Room, Production Site-line, Limited area that requires uniquely installation or even outdoors area with non air conditioned.

Our Recommended Products

       TCN proudly presents Maple MT1200 model to suit your needs. Industry standard Maple MT1200 uses CPU GMD GX series - Microsoft Windows and provides for standard ethernet 10/100 Mbps along with Microsoft RDP and Citrix CIA Protocol to access windows applications. Also supports for USB ports, Audio ports, Sealed box designed with virus prevention and many more. We have great confidence in our Products due to its received high demands and well reputation from distributor Thin Client All Around The World.

        Low-Cost Management for using Thin Client

       Corporate's Annual Budget has supplies for unnecesary usages. Some reason for an old computer becomes outdated. Many Corporates have to procure modern desktop computer every other years. For non-essential spent on technical support and software costs. Would it be better if TCN offers you greatly lower costs for technical support and software brought costs from individual desktop pc. By centralized management.

       During to Thin Client's consumption power only 12 watt. The electricity bill can also be saved follow suit. Thin device runs quiet during its operation. Nomore disturbing noise, Less heat generated compare to other individual pc. Which is why we would like to recommended you to try out Thin Clients for your Factory. All Thin Client devices have been approved Certified by QAIC to the standard of ISO9001:2000 sinced August 2005. This means that our customers can get international standard guarantee for the products they buy from us.        For further information, Please Contact US. | Investment Opportunities.

Solution Hospital

       Hospitals in Thailand are one of the Best hospital in FarEast. Don't you think that Best Hospital deserved Best Computer IT System. Thin Client Network Co.,Ltd. Proudly presents Thin Clients for your Hospital. Our Product Thin Clients guarantee by QAIC of ISO 9001:2000 from our manufacturer oversea. You can Choose Thin Clients to respond for Hospital's Administration such as, Accounting and Financial Department, Medical Supports Department, Information Technology Department, Health Care Service Department, Human Resource Deparment and many more. TCNsolutions will served your Hospital to The Highest Standards. With Low-Cost prices. Wired or Wireless and Many solutions offered.

Take Advantage for Thin Client

  • Centralized Data Collected. Kept protection for confidential files. Provide authorized only log-on for regular users.
  • With Server Based applications allow IT supervisor monitoring easily from central unit. Smart Cards are availible for more security.
  • Biometric System or Smart Card can acquire for high security. TCN shows IP Address of users provide great confidence and reliability.
  • Greatly Reduce Maintenance Expenses. Compare with Thin Client, Regular Computer requires more maintenance costs due to its moving parts.
  • Less Power Consumption. TCN consumes power only 12 Watt. where regular computer uses 250-450 watt.
  • Easy Management. When all software resides on servers then technology staff members can maintain and manage resources easier.

Customer's Benefits from Thin Client

  • Convenience Lifestyle in hospital for able to connected with Internet Anytime. Regular customers have use Internet through Kiosk Hub. Our Thin Client doesn't need frequently maintenances like ordinary computer.
  • Notarized for Hospital Systems and Clinic. Thin Client provides an Update-Online status of instock materials, medical supplies, and others related.
  • Thin Client also provides secure arrangement of Medical Records. All informations can be easily obtains from servers.
  • Visitors who have visited The Hospital are looking for general informations.Thin Client allows customer for any line of inquiry they preferred. When Hospital deploys any update news on the server, the updates are immediately available to all Thin Clients.

       As we mentioned earlier, Some part of IT-Solutions can put Thin Client into practice. TCN has proved useful for many operations in Hospital. We have extended our services cover all the bases. Other Businesses can take advantage from Thin Client follow suit. For instance,
  • Hotel Business for public relation enhancements , save energy and more.
  • Beauty Salon ,shoppingcenter for use Kiosk in promotion or advertising
  • Government Service for people who have received theirs services can use Thin Client searching for Information on the internet.
  • Restaurant and Lounge for modern presentation in available menu, special promotion shown on screen, along with food festival entertainment.
  • Deparment Store  offers Touch Screen Connection. Customers can easily search and located site-spot shopping area, PR and more interests at heart.

        Many Organizations have use Thin Client for their successful management. They have received great care from our technical support personally. And they highly appreciated us for introduced them Thin Client. We wish for theirs continuing success and prospering. That's why we wanted to introduce you Thin Clients as well. We are delighted to answer you any questions. Please Contact Us | Investment Opportunities

Solution Government

       Thin Client Computing will help Government and Non-profit Agencies providing the people for highest services quality in good governance accordingly with administration policy. Thin Computing use Embedded System Technology providing its high perfomance with sealed box designed for high security and virus prevention. Thin Client use less energy than 12 watt consequently of energy saving policy. consist no fan or other moving parts for quiet operation and reliability. Many peripheral devices connections reducing installation times in just a minute. Administrator can manage and monitoring online status from central control including install programs or updates applications provide easier maintenance. Offering organization great benefits from " Thin Client."

What Is Thin Client?
       Thin Clients is one type of computer with prominent feature in its programe. Use mainly process in server based. Thin Client itselfs acting like Terminal which has hardware less complicated than normal computer. Consequently to easy maintenance, much endurance and low cost solution. Offering government agencies great benefits from " Thin Client."

How Does Thin Client Work?

    The working part of Thin Client can be divided into three parts as following.
   First Part : is the hardware components of Thin Client (TY210,YF700,Maple1200,Sunde,Astec)
  Second Part : Part of server based applications supporting to Thin Client. ( Included programs )
  Third Part : Network infrastructure, Lan, Wan.

     Systematically, all working together.Begining from each user log on to one another screen. Then,connected systems through Lan or Wan. Also can prevented unsecure connection. The appearance of Thin Client normally like computer but much smaller size. By reduced internal instruments combined into mainboard. " Thin Client." Manufacture under " Nano Technology."or "Embedded System Technology" which is a specialize computer system that is part of a larger system or machine. Typically,an embedded system is housed on a single microprocessor board with the programs stored in Rom, but many are so specialized that the entire logic can be implemented as a single program. Providing the organization for low cost solutions, wire or wireless high performance and friendly to environment use energy only 5-12 watt. Thin Client software can easily upgrade by upgrade once only on server. Offering goverment agencies low-cost management and maintenance costs.

     All Thin Client devices have been approved Certified by QAIC to the standard of ISO9001:2000 sinced August 2005 from our manufacturer oversea. This means that our customers can get international standard guarantee for the products they buy from us. as it received highest demands and great reputation from customers/distributors all around the world.

    TCN Engineer can call you or meet with you to discuss your project needs. And then adapted installation based on your requirements. We ready to serve you with our friendly services in best quality and negotiable price. Including, one of many service channels following your requests.

Solution School/University

       For the past few years, Thin Client Network (TCN) has dedicated to develop and distribute special products for School and University across Thailand in friendly price. Our Goal is to increase the knowledgein kindergarten to highschool 12 grade, through coorperation, awareness and installations at school around Thailand. With innovation and original thoughts for the technology. Through these activities. We have expand the success technology to College and University as well. We have great confidence in our products due to its high reputation of the quality and Nano Technology production. Many Schools and Universities around the world have use Thin Clients. Our products have successfully received highest demand and well reputation around the world since 2001.

       We believe that educators can deliver on the promise of improving education with the help of modern technology.

       Regularly, technology of traditional desktop computer lack potential because of its devices fail. Unlike Thin Clients. Desktop computers requires regular setup, maintenance and some configuration. Some school and university who used the old desktop computer can become frustrated or sometimes emotional upset for its problems and return outdated teaching tools.

       With Thin Clients modern technology, we can help to overcome any obstacles occured in the past. Because Thin Client requires minimum computing power only 12 watt then generate less heat and noise. Technology is easy to use and reliable when information and applications reside on servers, its provide more security and stability for teachers. Most thin clients have very small size compares to regular computer, sealed case design without opening slots. Their small size works match excellent with furniture in classrooms. Students and teachers can push the boundaries of learning along with Thin Clients.

Thin Client's Popular Softwares In Famous School.
       - Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Adobe Acrobat reader
       - Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash Player
       - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
       - MSN Massager, Yahoo Massager E-Learning Software

Thin Client

Why Choose Thin Client?

* Save procurement costs with low price unit. Wired or Wireless high performance, feature rich, also    best    security suited to modern network school & university.
* Less money to spent on hardware problem. It means more funds available for software and hardware    purchases, training and developments, etc.
* Offering school in low-cost management and maintenance costs.
* Reduce the used of Bandwidth in Lan/Wan systems.
* Provide more security and stability. When information and applications reside on secure servers.
* Easily upgrade software by upgrade only on server. When deploys upgrades new applications on the    server, the updates are immediately available to all thin clients.
* Unberden your IT staff. All software resides on servers where technology staff members can maintain    and manage resources easier.
* Power save. Use less energy only 12 watt.
* Fashionable, Non outdated model consequence of central processing unit server.
* No need to upgrade supporting for new programme. Traditional desktop computers may be replaced    every 3 years compared to 5 to 7 years for Thin Client devices.

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