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       Thin Client Devices provide your organization highest performance and greatest cost efficiency within short-term and long-term benefits. Offering organization low cost management and maintenance costs. Regular computers maybe replaced every three years compared with five to seven years for Thin Client Devices. Thin Client consumes energy only 12 watt, and generate less heat, with quietest operation. Customers are saving various IT costs while achieving their business successfully. Join TCN products today along with millions who use Thin Clients across the world.

Q : How can we look at cost savings potential for short-term use?
A : Yes, of course. With hardware brought costs much cheaper than regular pc. allow you to planned and designed network system for lower budgets

Q : How can company benefits in possession of Thin Clients in Long-Term?
A : Thin Client Terminal is fashionable and no outdated model consequence of central processing unit server. Therefore, an upgrade can be done only on server. when deploying upgrades new applications on servers, the updates are immediately available to all Thin Clients. And for that reason, you can replace just one server when outdated has become.

Q : Could you tell us about Maple lifespan?
A : Thin Client has Mean Time Before Failure(MTBF) of 35,000 (Thirty-five thousands) hours for maximum usage. If we calculated from daily routine use average of 8 hours a day. Then, it can operates for 4,375 days or nearly 12 years.

Q : What are your recommendations for Thin Client?
A : Thin Client has proved useful for many departments in company. TCN have extended many services to cover all market segments. Our recommended business for Thin Clients can be separated out as follows.

  • Thai Government Organizations and Independent Public Agencies
  • State Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions / Banking
  • Public Universities and Schools
  • Network Enterprises
  • Industrial Factories
  • Hospital and Clinic
  • Business Offices / Thai and Foreign
  • Restaurant & Lounge
  • Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Resort, Spas
  • Department Store and Outlet Mall
  • Convenience store / Retail Business
  • Transportation, Car Rental, Yacht Rental
  • Travel associations, Tour wholesalers
  • Internet Cafeteria, E-Commerce
  • Chambers of Commerce, Community Portals
  • Q : You said Thin Client reduces maintenance costs, How?
    A : Strongly Designed, Thin Client has no fan or other moving parts for quiet operation and high reliability. Also greatly reduces maintenance expenses when all software resides on servers where technology staff can maintain and manage resource easier. All Thin Client use standard protocol, provide more security and stability when informations and applications reside on secure servers.

    Q : With Cheaper price but high efficiency...is that possible?
    A : Absolutely, Thin Client connected to servers with standard protocol. The system use Protocol RDP or ICA provides high stability and still continuing to develops. Thin Client received highest demands and generally accepted for customers worldwide because of its excellent quality.

    Q : Is it going to slow down the server when users working all the same time?
    A : Depending on types of applications they are using. But mostly, 80% of users can use Thin Clients smoothly and Surf the internet faster than regular desktop computer. That's why they love thin for that.

    Q : What's the minimum requirement for the server?
    A :  - For 5-10 thin clients support -
               CPU intel pentium4 2.4Ghz or above, 1GB memory higher, HD speed at 7200 rpm or more.
          - For 11-20 thin clients support -
               CPU intel pentium4 3.2Ghz or above, 2GB memory higher, HD speed at 10000 rpm or more.
          - For 21-30 thin clients support -
               CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53Ghz above, 3GB memory higher, HD speed at 10000 rpm or more.
          -  For 31-40 thin clients support -
               CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz above, 4GB memory higher, HD speed at 10000 rpm or more  

    Q : Can Thin Client devices plug in USB Drive?
    A : Yes, They can. Thin Client models like MT1200, MT1500, MT1800 are all in capable of Drive Mapping and connected to USB Drive like regular computer. In addition, can connected from Thin Client to printer you choose.

    Q : Is it true that benefits with Thin Client Solutions can save up 50% on your budgets?
    A : There are many benefits from Thin Client Solutions that we would like to elaborate further.

    • Thin Client are much endurance than regular computers because there are no moving parts and local disk drive, such as fans, to break down. According to this, it is impossible for Thin Clients to infected viruses or malware.
    • Save 50% on annual maintenance expenses with less money to spent on hardware problems. So you can invest that money in other aspects of business.
    • Well-designed Thin Client Solutions can support over hundreds Thin Clients, Giving your organization the ability to grow quickly and cost efficiency.
    • Easily upgrade and management when applications reside on server.
    • Provide more security and stability, Thin Clients are totally secure as long as the servers are protected. and since there is nothing stored on desktop, gives nothing for unwanted person to remove
    • Power consumption only 12 watt compare with desktop computer 250 watt.
    • Reduce the used of Bandwidth in Lan/Wan systems.
    • Centralized management, Specifically designed for enterprise networks.
    • Lower Costs than traditional computer

    That Great Things about Thin Client can help you maintain your leadership in competitive market along with meet your present and future business demands.

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