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Web Design Service

       Offering your organization the most update data of Information Technology. Presented alternative choice for customer in Company Profile, Products and Services Data, Regular Stages of Production, Quality Control in Manufacturing and Production process. Including, Public Relations Management (PR), Our Senior Personal Consultant will help you reaching your best customer in the market cap with reasonable return on investment. Incidental Benefit to project a good image of your business enterprise.

Why do we need to understand the significance of Website Design and Development along with public relations management.
       As you try to catch up with several applications for Web browsers that change for the better continuously everyday, There are millions of people who use Internet to search for satisfy merchandise and products or some for their particular purpose. It's now a good time to Start Online Business an make your own Website to become One of the choice for them. You can choose Thin Client Network co.,ltd. because We are professional in Web design & Multimedia. with our friendly consulting services in economy price. Our customers have received great care and after-sale services. They appreciated us for introduced them suitable website package in accordance with their demands. On an occasion, We would like to give blessing for your business enterprise to continuing success and prospering.

Online Marketing (SEO)

       In this regard, Promoting website including sale marketing campaign and public relations management for the product distribution strategy. Supporting for All-In-One Online&Internet marketing in the most efficiency way. Our priorities are to top ranking your website in world class search engine like Google.com or Yahoo.com for the purpose of creating business opportunities and to make the Web Surfer come to view or visited your website as much as possible. It also should be emphasized on Google.com mainly in Pay Per Click Marketing with Google Ad Words and planning in Web Promote with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to make your merchandise and products become well-known domestically and internationally. We can assist you whether your business is E-commerce, Distribution, Service Industry or Mass Media. Adding value to the website quickly in a week. TCN Professional Web Designer & Development team has always acquire new tips and special technique from Google.com. that help maintain your top ten position and gain benefits from the search engine. Including both summit web directory and sending url to world wide marketplace such as Thailand Submission, Asia Submission, Europe Submission, Global Submission.

Application Development

       One another service from Thin Client Network is The Project of Customized Web Based Application Development which can provide customers both in Internet and Intranet with services of highest quality suitable for your requirements. Our technical support team will conduct a survey then selected appropriate solution for network enterprise. Including many windows applications and tips you preferred. TCN Application Developer has expertise in web design with many experienced and track records of success in their field. Providing you many solutions such as E-commerce, Content Management System, Online Data Collection, Interactive Website, Work Flow Systems, Front End/Back End Database admin, Back Office System Development and more.

Standard procedure for application development.
       (1) System survey and System analysis.
       (2) Choose the appropriate technology for the project.
       (3) Plan and design for user interface.
       (4) Database design.
       (6) Application development process.
       (7) Implement and Training.

Web Design Technology that we proudly presented.

Web Content Management System (CMS)
       is content management system (CMS) software, usually implemented as Web Applications, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images) CMS facilitates for content creation, content control, editing and many functions that will help you manage template documents conveniently in high efficiency. Our web designer has research and develop CMS to perform closely to Word Processing Unit that has been used widespread and can be learn in short time.

Online Job Application Program
       including multi functions to manage employment applications and on-line resume. Multiple choice of fill-out forms and clearance level access. All information can be search, compare and printed as necessary. Providing Human Resource Department great benefits from Online Job Application Program.

E-Commerce System - Buying and Selling online products with e-commerce
       E-Commerce payment systems has become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of internet-based shopping and banking.Facilitates numerous online payments. These include the traditional credit, debit and charge card but also new technologies such as digital-wallets, e-cash, mobile payment and electronic-check. The program has develop to supporting Linux Server and others related with multi functions to complete online transaction for you.

Online Reservation Program - Hotel booking and accommodation provider
       Easily for guests to search availible room and book-in real real time. The systems is providing for room descriptions, images, staying rate. Guests can received instant email notification of bookings. Customers can make transaction by credit card securely. also providing any necessities informations for guests like break-fast package, spa package, golf, tennis or any combination.

E-Mailing List & E-Newsletter System
        An electronic mailing list (sometimes written as E-mailing list) is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet Users -A list of names and addresses- as might be kept by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers. Electronic mailing list servers can be set to forward messages to subscribers for particular purpose. Some mailing lists allow individual subscribers to decide how they prefer to receive messages from the list server. These systems has been developed to supporting in Sales and Marketing.

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